When it comes to heat transfer vinyl (HTV), one of the most frequently asked questions is “how do I wash and dry my decorated t-shirt the right way?”.

We have put together this quick guide for washing, drying, and caring your Siser HTV decorated garments.

Wait at least 24 hours before washing

The thermoadhesive layer needs time to crystallize and sink down into the fabric fibers. If you wash and dry too soon, there’s a good chance the HTV could peel or crack.

Wash and dry garments inside out

Protect the decoration by turning the garment insidee down. While washing and drying clothes, they rub against each other (especially if they have zippers or buttons); this friction can cause abrasions or even the peel from the fabric.

Choose the correct temperature for washing

Before washing, it is very important to check the recommended temperature in the product sheet. High temperatures can weaken the adhesive or cause abrasion of the heat transfer vinyl.

Use a mild detergent

Any detergent that promises to “Withen”, “Fight Stains”, or that contains any other kind of special additive, is not a mild detergent. These additives, along with bleach, can damage the decoration.

Dry on delicate setting or hang dry

Just like when washing, it is essential to check in the product sheet if the material you are using is suitable for dry cleaning, and what is the recommended program. Hang drying is still the safest, albeit slowest, way to dry your decorated garment.

Do not iron directly on the HTV

The heat of the iron could melt the material, as well as ruin the garment. Before ironing on the decoration, make sure to cover it with parchment paper or a cotton cloth and set the iron to low temperature (no steam). Or iron the t-shirt inside out.

November 17, 2023 — Ainsley Aholelei