Siser Easy Subli A4 Sheets


Siser Easy Subli A4 Sheets


 Thermotransfer film with plain polyester backing, designed for sublimation ink printers.

It grants vibrant colours and a stunning thin design on the garment and allows to decorate cotton fabrics with sublimation inks.

Available in A3 and A4 sheet

Suitable textiles: cotton (all colors) and white/light colored polyester or poly/cotton blend, not treated.

Average thickness
220 microns

Suggested cutting settings
Blade: 45° Pressure: 120 gf Speed: 20 cm/sec

Transfer settings
15 seconds at 155°C (311°F)
medium pressure (3-4 bar)

Care Instructions

Washing temperature
Dry cleaning Tumble dryer

Given the large number of sublimation inks and printers, we highly
recommend performing a print and cut test before entering into

• Print and cut the material
• Weed the exceeding material
• Remove the print from its polyester support by hand, then place it on the t-shirt
• Cover the print with silicon paper, baking paper or parchment paper
• In case of pre-cut letters or numbers use our TTD Special application tape to remove the print from the carrier, then place it on the t-shirt.
• Heat apply at the conditions shown on the right
• Remove the cover paper warm
• If you used our TTD Special application tape, remove it warm.


Wait at least 24 hours from application before washing. Washing resistance up to 60°C, best inside-out.
Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents. Not suitable for dry cleaning.
Suitable for tumble dryer, synthetic cyle.