Sihl Printable Heat Transfer Paper (HTP)



Sihl Dark and Light Printable Heat Transfer Paper (HTP)

This HTP is perfect to work with your inkjet printer.  Transfer your favourite designs, photos or logos

We have A4 Sheets available suitable for Dark and Light Fabrics.

• All fabrics must contain a minimum of 50% cotton
• Wash fabric before transferring
• Avoid fingerprints both before and after printing
• Curled or damaged sheets should not be used

Hand press temperature 180°C

Image preparation

Dont Mirror
Dark fabrics - Cut the image down using print n cut or sissers rounding of all edges - Peel the film from the release liner and place image facing up on the fabric.

Light / white fabrics - cut the image down using print n cut or with Sissers , rounding of all edges - Position image facing down on the fabric.
Hand press 15-20 secs

Removing the Baking Paper etc 

Leave fabric to cool completely before removing the baking  paper.

Aftercare tips
Washing & Drying
• Wait at least 24 hrs after transfer printing before washing • Wash inside-out
• Machine settings: Max. 30°C / 1000 rotations/min
• Do not use softener or bleach detergents
• Take straight out of the machine when the cycle is finished • Drying: Tumble drier with cool settings

Maintain excellent colours by ironing after every wash - always with baking paper. Never iron the unprotected transfer. Do not use steam!